Field Orthopaedics, an innovative Australian orthopaedic devices company that designs and manufactures orthopaedic devices to address shortcomings in the trauma, extremities and biomedical markets, today announced plans to launch its FIELD MICRO SCREW SYSTEM to Europe at the 2019 International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) in Berlin, Germany from June 17 – 21.

The FIELD MICRO SCREW SYSTEM has FDA 501(k) clearance and is in high demand through the US with purchases in 15 states, plus incredible interest from the UAE, China and Japan.

The product was created to increase efficiency with the potential to significantly reduce complications in the management of orthopaedic injuries and the fixing of fractures in the hand and wrist. It features a range of 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm diameter cannulated compression screws ranging in length from 6 mm to 22 mm in 1 mm increments, 0.6 mm single trocar K-wires of 70 mm length plus a specifically designed instrument kit, tailored to the insertion of the 1.5 and 2.0 FO Micro Screw.

Partnered with sales expansion experts, Ortho Consulting Group, to exclusively manage and accelerate growth of their new product in EMEA, Field Orthopaedics invite any interested European distributors to visit booth 79 at IFSSH in Berlin from 17th – 21st June. Andrew Dubowski (+44 (0) 7384 812 500) and Matt Woods (+44 (0) 7500 555 508) from Ortho Consulting Group will be on hand to discuss the product and opportunities.

Field Orthopaedics Micro Screw System

At the 2018 Good Design Awards® the FIELD MICRO SCREW SYSTEM won Product Design Gold for its ergonomic design and ground-breaking storage, safety and sterilization capabilities.

Field Orthopaedics CEO, Dr Chris Jeffery, said the FIELD MICRO SCREW SYSTEM was the first of several projects in the Field Orthopaedics portfolio, which have been created to address under-serviced markets and realise solutions to problems impacting patient care and outcomes.

“At Field Orthopaedics, we think differently. We work in partnerships, to innovate, realising new products with novel value,” said Dr Jeffery. “Field Orthopaedics was created from within the medical community, with the founders forming a significant collaboration with surgeons and researchers to identify their greatest industry problems and work alongside them to create innovative solutions.” 

“Our win at the Good Design Awards®, proved that medical devices can be both functional and aesthetic. In the designing of the Micro Screw System we not only realised a new product with improved performance, but we considered the user ability to deliver a solution with improved ergonomics and function.”

Operating since 2015, Field Orthopaedics’ unique, collaborative business model is based on immersion of the medical and engineering disciplines with world-renowned surgeons rather than the traditional silo method of product development.

“We have overhauled the traditionally expensive, time-consuming and complicated task of medical device development and creation to build a culture and platform that gives surgeons access to experienced design and engineering teams to turn the problems they face every day into solutions,” Dr. Jeffery said.

“This collaborative, problem-focused model of development combined with our disruptive spirit of execution has delivered efficient and economically advantageous results for the FIELD MICRO SCREW SYSTEM and our other products in development.”

Field Orthopaedics at IFSSH: Dr Chris Jeffery from Field Orthopaedics can be contacted at the IFSSH via Andrew Dubowski +44 (0) 7384 812 500 and Matt Woods +44 (0) 7500 555 508 from Ortho Consulting Group


About Field Orthopaedics

Field Orthopaedics is a rapidly growing Australian Orthopaedic devices company that focuses on the design and manufacturing of orthopaedic devices to address the shortcomings in the trauma, extremities and biological markets. With their team of surgeons, engineers and researchers, Field Orthopaedics has created a range of orthopaedic devices that provide evidence-based solutions for longstanding concerns in extremity surgery.

Currently, the company has several projects in their portfolio, one of which has US FDA approval and three of which are in active development expected to gain regulatory approval within the next three years. Formed to bring back innovation to medicine, Field Orthopaedics creates products that address under-serviced markets and that realise solutions to problems impacting patient care and outcomes. Field Orthopaedics was created from within the medical community, with the founders forming a significant collaboration with surgeons and physicians to identify their greatest industry problems and work alongside them to create innovative solutions.

Field Orthopaedics is passionate about innovation and utilises profits to support ongoing orthopaedic research. The team believes that collaboration is the key to innovative design and is proud to develop and manufacture products that not only make sales, but also make a positive difference by empowering users and greatly improve outcomes.


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