For time-poor hiring managers, who are budget-constrained and under pressure to fill vacancies quickly, the pressure is constantly on to quickly solve hiring problems. It can be easy to lose sight of the difference between partnering with the best specialist executive search firms and their offering, compared with all the other recruiters in the market.

The situation is made worse when some recruiters will happily drop their fee in a bid to do business with you. Executive search is competitive. It is a market that is highly saturated, with low barriers to market entry.

I can guarantee you, cheaper certainly is not better, and transactional relationships in what is a people-orientated process is a flawed approach.

The transactional cost of doing business with your executive search partner is only one part of the equation. Of course, there is a budget to stick to, I understand that having successfully managed business budgets for many years, both at Ortho Consulting Group and also during my time in the medical device industry.

Building a team or appointing individuals into leadership functions is not a transactional exercise. What often gets lost in the process of a team build or search for an executive leader is the total overall cost saving or cost benefit of finding and retaining the best person for the role. There is the bigger picture to consider.

Some examples from recent projects that we have completed at Ortho Consulting Group that have had a tremendous financial impact for our clients;

·     Newly appointed finance leader identifies multi-million-dollar outstanding invoices and re-focuses the finance team to recover these outstanding debts.

·     General manager immediately brings a cost-saving initiative to the business by identifying savings and synergies in office relocation.

·     Sales executive wins award for being highest sales performer in Europe.

We’re focused on finding the right person for the brief, who will deliver on the complex needs of their new employer in what is a very dynamic and challenging industry. Yes, there’s a fee involved. But the talent we introduce to our clients brings financial benefits over and above the cost of a search project. Our team don’t view our relationships with our clients as a simple transaction, because we believe we’re having a positive impact on the commercial success of the clients we choose to work with. And we want to work with our chosen partners for the long-term.

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