A recent article on ‘Why more brands are ditching the CMO position‘ by E.J. Schultz published by AdAge had us discussing the subject internally. This shift has seen some businesses consolidating marketing duties with executives taking responsibility for more comprehensive mandates.

The consolidated role of a CMO has resulted in a decline in traditional marketing titles, and the rise of titles such as “Chief Growth Officer” and “Chief Experience Officer”. These roles encompass marketing, sales and further commercial functions such as product development, local oversight and more.

Matt Woods commented, “The word ‘marketing’, and the art and science of it as a discipline is ever-changing. Marketing activities must focus on delivering business growth opportunities as well as customer retention. There’s a reason why the tenure of CMOs are historically so short and the move to review what the role brings to an organisation needed analysis.”

“We have seen this first hand recently with a client switching their search for a CMO to a more rounded CCO placement within orthopaedics,” Matt added.

Ditching the CMO Position“Developing the right balance between marketing and sales teams is crucial, regardless of industry. A sales team won’t be as successful without input from marketing, while marketing needs the information that sales teams collect daily to build and develop strategy and campaigns,” Andrew explains.

Fiona explains, “A move to a broader remit for marketing at a C level with increased financial accountability is undoubtedly a good strategy. I am sure marketers at all levels will embrace the closer link with business success. This will ultimately make their roles and the outcomes they deliver more pertinent to the business they work in, meaning role longevity for individuals and having a meaningful marketing function that contributes to the vision and mission of the corporation employing them.”

There has been a huge change of pace and scope in the marketing function. New technology means that marketing can generate and has access to more data-rich material than ever before.

Marketing can bring commercial value to an organisation by utilising this data to deliver measurable commercial growth strategies.

The common thread here is that marketing is not disappearing; it is, however, becoming a more relevant function within the day to day operating of a business. At Ortho Consulting Group, we firmly believe that every day, all people in all functions of a business need to ask the question “how is this action/task/strategy linked to growth strategies and customer engagement for the long-term?”

Our team are drawn from the world of orthopaedics and bring their wealth of industry experience to placing the best candidates internationally. We have uniquely high standards and expectations, which is reflected in what our clients and candidates say about us.

About Fiona Walters

Fiona joined Ortho Consulting Group after ten years of upstream and downstream product management experience in the medical device industry. CIM qualified, Fiona has been involved with marketing strategy and tactics for Ortho Consulting Group since the business started in 2010.

About Matt Woods

Matt is the entrepreneurial founder and director of Ortho Consulting Group.

Matt has always worked in the orthopaedic sector, so he understands first-hand the challenges in the industry. Using this knowledge, expertise and experience, he built his consulting business to offer clients valuable solutions in executive search and fully managed global expansion programmes.

About Andrew Dubowski

Andrew is Head of International Business Development and brings a wealth of orthopaedic industry knowledge to the team. He has 20 years’ experience in the health and medical sector. The last ten years he has focussed on Sales and Marketing in Spine, Trauma, Limb and joint reconstruction for large orthopaedic manufacturers.

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