Palm Beach County, FL, January 28, 2020 — Atlas Spine Inc., a spinal implant company based in Jupiter, Florida, announced today the launch of its V3 Guided Segmental Plating System, expanding the company’s disruptive technology solutions for treating complex deformity and degenerative conditions of the cervical spine.

Cervical spine pathologies afflict hundreds of thousands of people each year. The general growth of an aging population and lifestyle changes (tech neck) are expected to continue to drive this number up. The importance of spinal balance restoration and maintenance and its effects on long term success havebecome a focal point of spine surgeons worldwide.

In October 2018, the company introduced HiJAK AC,pioneering the market’s first expandable cervical interbody toprovide surgeons the ability to intra-operatively customize animplant to fit their patient’s specific needs and achieve proper sagittal re-alignment. Although designed as a complement toHiJAK AC, the V3 system can be used independently as well.The V3 system itself is comprised of an assortment of small, low-profile, segmental cervical plates and streamlined instruments that together provide a novel “guided” capability making accurate implant placement safer, easier, and more predictable for surgeons during Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF).

“ACDFs in large part are considered by spine surgeons to be one of their easier procedures, relatively speaking, but we’ve watched surgeons continue to deal unnecessarily with the nuances and challenges that conventional plating brings. It’s our mission to constantly challenge the status quo and identify opportunities to develop new methods and technologies that solve common issues.  This segmental approach makes perfect sense and we’re excited to have this product in our arsenal. The combination of HiJAK and V3 make for a powerful offering and represents just one more of the ACDF solutions we’ll continue to roll out over the next year,” said Matt Baynham, Atlas Spine’s CEO.

The unique V3 guidance system and segmental approach resolves the technical challenges that all spine surgeons deal with during the typical plating process. By providing them a simple method to temporarily and securely dock the plate onto the face of the HiJAK device, the system enables absolute control and confidence during installation. “Oftentimes we just accept the common obstacles we face during surgery. I didn’t fully appreciate how much fiddle there actually was with standard cervical plates until I tried this system. This method creates great synergy between construct integrity and simplicity,” stated RaseshDesai, MD, Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department.

Published data continues to show that a segmental plating methodology with its load sharing characteristics yield better outcomes for multi-level constructs when compared to conventional plating[1]. Combined with the customizable HiJAK interbody that offers up to 20 degrees of adjustable lordosis, the V3 system provides surgeons the opportunity to address each diseased segment individually. “No other system allows for this custom approach to cervical alignment, restoration and fixation,” says Baynham.

Atlas Spine is dedicated to bringing differentiated solutions to the spinal implant market and iswelcoming distribution inquiries to service its growing product pipeline. For more information please contact us at 561.741.1108 or

SOURCE: Atlas Spine, Inc, SPINEMarketGroup, 28th January 2020

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[1]​F. Richard A. Hynes, MD, Melbourne and F. Devin K. Datta, MD, Melbourne, “Prevention of Pseudoarthrosis in Multilevel ACDF with Individual Level Plate Fixation vs. Single Long Plate,” 2017, p. 2017.