Suzi (Suzanna Everard) is the newest recruit to Ortho Consulting Group (OCG), joining the team as a Commercial Research Executive.

Suzi joins the team following on from 4 years’ working as a Research Executive at BCMS a market-leading mergers and acquisitions (M&A) sell-side advisory firm, specialising in advising shareholders of privately-owned companies looking to sell all or part of their business.

Within this role, Suzi conducted research, analysed the data and collated the information into report and presentation formats to present findings to external and internal stakeholders.

During multiple touch-points and meetings, she built a rapport, provided strong insight and guided clients through the process. To understand each market, she critically evaluated the state of macro factors in the industry; political, economic, social, legal, technological, and environmental, scrutinising the M&A activity in the sector, understanding the motivations, valuations, and level of activity. Once Suzi had advised and negotiated with the client, she then would collate a list of potential buyers based on extensive individual company research.

The clients she worked with came from all different sectors such as recruitment, software, construction, cybersecurity, property and many more. Suzi is excited about joining OCG so that she can focus on orthopaedics, spine and medical device sectors and become an industry expert.

Suzi’s fundamental responsibility within the role is to provide support for our clients raising funds by identifying suitable VC and PE investment partners. In addition, she will create in-depth industry research reports; M&A, Investments, Technological Advancements and other market trends, and produce market insight articles for our network. She will also be expanding our in-house proprietary database network, as well as providing research support for other function within the business such as distributor searches and business development.

OCG has grown a considerable amount over the past ten years to become the consultancy it is today. Over the last three years, we have added in-house legal support, product management, product specialists, marketing and QARA to our team. This is an exciting new opportunity for OCG, Suzi joining the team helps broaden our offering and provide an end-to-end service for SMEs, from finding and raising initial funding to final exit.

Quote from Matt Woods, Founder

“It’s great to have Suzi on board to help us provide this service within the industry. This offering is something we’ve been looking into for a couple of years due to requests from clients. In the past, we have helped raise funding for our clients which has been successful, so it’s valuable to now start creating a team which can help provide this service to new clients.

Suzi’s experience works in harmony with all the other offerings Ortho Consulting Group provides and allows us to become an all in one consultancy for orthopaedic, spine and medical devices companies to expand globally.”


Suzi will be continuing to grow her network of venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) and is keen to connect with industry leaders.

If you would like to learn more about how Suzi can help you, please contact her directly via:


Tel: +44 (0) 7900 662876

LinkedIn: Suzanna Everard