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Case Study
German Distributor Search

Utilising their online account with orthoconnections, a manufacturer used our advertise + search service, to speed up and secure their search for a german distributor.




Summer 2018

Project Deliverables

Source and Introduce verified distributors

Social Media targeting and outreach

Targeted Email Campaign

Product Video production

In recent months, I have seen a significant increase in companies wanting sales growth support which combines the services of orthoconnections and orthoexecutive. Matt Woods, Founder

The results

We produced, published and managed a distribution advert targeted towards our verified German members.

To drive engagement we also produced a short video on our Vimeo channel, running a targeted social media and email delivery campaign.

The advert generated 161 pageviews, resulting in 54 unique advert views from our logged in, german distributor members.

The video was played in full 692 times, generating 135 company profile views.

The above activity, resulted in the manufacturer securing meetings with distributors and opening a new sales channel in Europe.

Advert views

Advert pageviews

Video Plays

Company pageviews

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