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Client Case Study

Since March 2020, we have been working with a US-based manufacturer that produces an innovative product for spine surgery. They have engaged with us to be their International Distribution Partners and provide Product Management for the product in markets outside of the US.

At the beginning of the project, we inherited five existing distributors which our client had secured, in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, UK and New Zealand, however, had lost contact with. We re-engaged with each distributor to understand their experiences, needs and expectations for the product and our client. We have also secured distributors in France, Switzerland and Greece with contracts in the final phases with distributors in Germany, Austria, Australia, Czech Republic and across the Nordics.

From the discussions with the existing and potential distributors, it was clear that marketing and educational materials needed updating or in some cases, created. We produced a four-page information brochure, one-page surgical technique summary sheet, and PowerPoints showing introductory product information and another for full product training. In addition, we have created an App which provides access to all key information for distributors, sales reps and surgeons whilst also providing a channel for information surrounding the product or clinical feedback to be sent directly to the client.

As 2020 has been a challenging year for travel, due to COVID-19, we have completed many virtual training sessions with various distributors and their key accounts. We have also hosted a webinar for our client to present updates in data and cases with distributors across Europe.

To help the sales reps present the technology to customers, we have worked with a local supplier to design and build brand new demonstration kits which have been greatly received by the distributors. Throughout the project, we have weekly catch up calls with our client on which we discuss all our documented progress using our novel reporting system.

It has been a challenging year due to restrictions imposed by the global health pandemic; however, we have managed to adapt to the conditions and have delivered global expansion to our client. We look forward to continuing with our contract throughout 2021.

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