WILMINGTON, N.C.Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hensler Surgical Products, LLC, dba Hensler Surgical Technologies (www.henslersurgical.com) today filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of North Carolina accusing competitor Tobra Medical, Inc. of infringing newly-issued U.S. Patent No. 10,493,183.  At the heart of the infringement allegation is the Tobra Medical Bone Basket used for collecting and filtering autologous bone during surgical procedures.  This process is particularly useful in harvesting autologous bone for use with a patient during surgery.

The Complaint alleges that Bradford Collins, founder and President of Tobra, contacted Hensler in early 2017 and expressed interest in being a sales representative for Hensler.  Within months, Tobra introduced the Tobra Medical Bone Basket as a cheaper substitute for the Hensler Bone Press® apparatus.  The Complaint cites examples of the technical inferiority of the Tobra Medical Bone Basket to the Hensler Bone Press® apparatus, and also includes accusations of false and misleading statements being made by Collins and Tobra regarding the effectiveness of the Tobra Medical Bone Basket.

In addition to patent infringement contentions, Tobra also stands accused of False Advertising, and Interference with Economic Advantage under North Carolina law.  Hensler seeks damages in an unspecified amount, in addition to a permanent injunction preventing Tobra and others from infringing the ‘183 Patent using the Tobra Medical Bone Basket.

About Hensler Surgical

Founded in 2011 by friends and colleagues Sean Hensler, PA-C (neurosurgery) and Dr. Thomas E. Melin (neurosurgeon), Hensler Surgical Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of S & T Holdings, LLC, which also owns H & M Innovations, LLC, a sister company to Hensler Surgical Products.

Hensler Surgical Products develops, markets, and sells medical instruments and apparatus while H & M Innovations identifies and develops intellectual property relating to medical-device innovations. This family of companies holds twenty-one U.S. patents and currently has 13 U.S. patent applications pending, not including numerous foreign patents and patent applications in EuropeAsiaMiddle East, and Oceania. Nine U.S. patents relate to the Hensler Bone Press™ apparatus, with priority coverage in five foreign countries.

Contact: Sean Hensler, CEO

Email:  sean@henslersurgical.com

SOURCE: Hensler Surgical Technologies, 5th December 2019

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