HT Medical Announces Name Change to Xēnix Medical as Part of Rebranding Initiative

Strategy also Includes Move into Expanded Office Space and Rebranding of Its Ti3D® Interbody Fusion Technology to neoWave™

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HT Medical, a surgical implant company focused on the development of novel science-based solutions for patients requiring spinal fusion surgery, today announced that it has changed its name to Xēnix Medical as part of a rebranding initiative. The company also revealed that it has moved its corporate office to an expanded location in order to meet increasing demand for its proprietary neoWave™ interbody technology, formerly known as Ti3D®. The neoWave™ technology consists of a unique 3D-printed homogenous waveform matrix that enhances load dispersion while reducing device stiffness and, therefore, the potential for subsidence.

Ryan Phillips, President of Xēnix Medical, commented, “We felt it was important for our corporate name to better represent the distinctive nature of our brand, culture, and fusion technologies. Xēnix is derived from the Greek word Xenos, which fittingly means different or unique. It speaks to the highly differentiated nature of our neoWave™ technology and its ability to help patients live their best lives as soon as possible following surgery. But more importantly, it represents the refreshingly unique manner in which we interface with our direct distributor, hospital, and surgeon customers by being hyper-focused on each of their specific needs. Simply put, Xēnix means challenging the status quo on every aspect of the way businesses operate in the orthopedic medical device industry.”

The company’s move to a larger office space is part of a broader effort to scale the company in preparation for significant sales growth, which has also included the expansion of its surgeon, scientific, and commercialization network, as well as the completion of several key operational and R&D projects. Specifically, the organization plans to launch three additional implant systems built on the neoWave™ platform and release comparative pre-clinical data that demonstrates the difference between its proprietary repeating waveform matrix technology and other implants on the market.

Mr. Phillips continued, “The momentum we have been creating has reached an inflexion point worthy of initiating our brand reboot at this time. It is a logical evolution that builds upon the strong foundation created by the founders of HT Medical and its supporters. We are excited to start this new chapter in the company’s history and look forward to disrupting the marketplace with the Xēnix Medical difference in 2021 and beyond.”

About neoWave™

The neoWave™ technology consists of a 3D-printed uniformly-porous interbody device matrix that reduces stiffness and provides a load-dispersing Snowshoe Effect™ to lessen the potential for implant subsidence while increasing bone graft surface area. The lack of solid framework architecture, which is often found in competitive 3D-printed devices, prevents the creation of loading “hot spots” around these structures. neoWave™ also incorporates the company’s proprietary surface technology to accelerate cellular attachment and proliferation to promote implant osseointegration.

About Xēnix Medical

Xēnix Medical is a surgical implant company focused on the development of novel science-based solutions for patients requiring spinal fusion surgery. The company, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, markets its line of neoWave™ interbody fusion devices in the United States through a network of independent distributors. To learn more, visit


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Xēnix Medical

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SOURCE: Business Wire, 7th April 2021