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Capital Investment Support

We are committed to connecting the orthopaedic industry with financial support from investment partners.

SMEs typically have little-to-no capital to support the growth of the company either via the development of new products, the expansion of geographical territory or regulatory process compliance requirements.

Using our connections and research specialists, we can identify suitable financial partners to support the planned transformation and growth for businesses.

  • Industry

    There are many prolific investors. However, companies need to find the best ones that fit with their ideology. Having an expert opinion and research can be valuable for companies to save time and mistakes.

    We build investor profiles to understand each firm's typical investment criteria; the geographies, the sectors, the stage, the size. We take time to understand investment firms' strategies; typical deal structure, continued-support approach and length of term to identify the best option for our clients.

    There are many sector-agnostic investment firms; however, typically, these will not have a technical understanding of the medical sector to appreciate the innovation within the industry unless they have a specialised division within the firm.

    We have built and will continue to build, relationships with investment companies that specifically focus on the industry, which ensures experience and knowledge in the sector.

  • Investors

    The medical device industry is highly regulated to ensure the safety and efficacy of technologies. This is a costly process that clients may need financial support with to become or maintain compliance.

    Being sector-specific, we know that young companies in the industry need capital for various stages across different phases of establishment, these include:

    ‣ Development of new products

    ‣ Expansion of geographical territory

    ‣ Regulatory process compliance requirements (FDA, CE, MDR)

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