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How We Became
Ortho Consulting Group

Our Story

Matt Woods, founder, started the business in 2010 as an international executive search firm, Orthoexecutive, specialising in the orthopaedic and spine industry.

Whilst working within the medical device executive search space, Matt noticed a need for a distributor search service for manufacturers looking to expand into European markets. This led to the creation of Orthoconnections, an online platform with a database of verified distributors and manufacturers. The platform was used for manufacturers to advertise their current distribution opportunities to distributors.

After the launch of Orthoconnections in 2018, we merged the two entities to create Ortho Consulting Group; a management consultancy that globally grows sales channels directly or indirectly for SMEs and start-up businesses within the industry.

Strategic Focus

Our mission is to provide a unique service for start-ups and SMEs in the orthopaedic, spine and medical device industry. We support and deliver global expansion strategies with our all in one consultancy firm.

Ortho Consulting Group has expanded over the past couple of years. We have added a full scope of capabilities to our executive search and distributor search services, including the following:

Buy-Side and Sell-Side
M&A Support
Raising Capital
UK Responsible
Marketing and

Our Expertise

Our team has a wealth of experience within the orthopaedic and spine industry. We bring our talent and expertise across a range of business functions to ensure we meet the diverse needs of our clients.

This experience, genuine interest, and appreciation of the industry’s expectations is key to our success.

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  • “Ortho Consulting Group’s team of industry experts brings a broad array of capabilities to our business, driving our European, and Outside U.S. KOL selection process, marketing, sales, distribution, training, logistics and operations.”
    President and CEO
  • “Ortho Consulting Group are genuinely interested in our business and very actively involved with our executive search process; they stand out from the crowd compared to other search agencies. ”
  • “Business is now all about connection and community. Matt and his team have been instrumental in our global expansion.”
    Head of International Sales