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Product Management

We support and guide businesses by providing Product Management expertise at all stages of the product life cycle, specialising in new product introduction.

There are many different challenges that medical device SMEs must go through. Having an outside consultant to help manage products to get them ready for distributors, and to support opening sales channels in other global markets can be highly valuable.

Working with a variety of different clients, products and sectors within the medical device industry, our product specialists and managers have built a relationship with many distributors across many different markets. This has given them an expert understanding of what distributors expect when signing and running the contracts, helping processes move quickly.

The deliverables within our product management are varied and dependent on what the needs of our clients are. Here are some of the services we provide:

Collect, refine and share product information
Provide complete product expertise to interested and signed distribution partners
Coordinate production of marketing collateral
Provide updates, observations and insight from markets to manufacturers
Coordinate translation of product information if required for specific markets
Answer product related questions from distributors, reps and surgeons
Assist in KOL or surgeon engagement and or training
Product representation at conferences
Maintain client relationships with distribution staff and sales representatives
Travel internationally where required for engagement

Client Case Study

Since March 2020, we have been working with a US-based manufacturer that produces an innovative product in spine. We have become their International Distribution Partners and provide Product Management for the product in markets outside of the US.

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