A partner to orthopaedic and spine companies who want to expand globally, Ortho Consulting Group sources and manages export channels, and builds executive teams.

Founder, Matt Woods, along with Gavin Crowther, and Fiona Walters lead the executive search division of the Group, Orthoexecutive. With strong industry connections globally, built from 33 years of orthopaedic and spine search experience, they know what they’re looking for in candidates, and what candidates are looking for in employers.

As the year draws to a close, and they look forward into 2019, they reflect on 2018’s achievements and the things that make them successful.

What is the key to Orthoexecutive’s success?

Matt explains: “We understand the healthcare sector and its strengths and challenges, internationally. We understand clinical outcomes. And we always keep in sight what’s right for patients.”

“We genuinely care. We take great pride in our approach to executive search assignments,” adds Matt. “We’re very selective about the clients we choose to work with. We need to know they’re going to be a good employer.”

Clients aren’t bombarded with irrelevant CVs. Candidates are carefully sourced from Matt, Fiona and Gavin’s far-reaching networks. The team will comfortably open up a conversation with talent, even if they aren’t actively seeking new employment, or ask connections they admire and trust for recommendations about exceptional people. And it works.

“We are more than a recruitment agency. We’re a trusted partner to our clients, offering executive search as part of an expansion strategy service,” explains Gavin.

“This isn’t a transactional business, it’s a people business” explains Fiona.

Orthopaedic Executive Search Partners

Is it who you know, and what you know, that gets results?

“To be honest, yes. Our network is hugely valuable and we work hard to keep connected. It’s not all about CVs at this level, and it’s a small talent pool to attract from.” Gavin explains. “We only put candidates forward that we know suit our client’s business. We do that by being able to genuinely vouch for them, having strong recommendations, and understanding their achievements.”

“Some vacancies can be open for a long time with other recruiters – often a year or more. Until we come along” Fiona adds. That’s where experience, a partner approach, and industry know-how come in. “Sometimes there’s an element of mis-selling or mis-understanding, or we need to challenge the process or the role’s promotion. Sometimes it just needs a partner like us, who invests in client and candidate relationships, to help them get it right” states Gavin.

How do you work internationally?

We work the same everywhere. We become partners.” reveals Gavin. “Regardless of where in the world it is. We’re with clients face-to-face as much as possible. We spend time having product demonstrations, visiting offices, sitting in on interviews. We learn about their business so we know we’ve found them a good leader.”

“We’ve made 32 International trips already this year. We don’t just sit behind a desk or hide behind a phone in the UK. Being with our clients, candidates, and peers, is the only way to build a strong and stable network,” says Matt.

Orthoexecutive has placed talented people across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific this year alone, including a Vice President of EMEA, a General Manager in Australia, an International HR Director, International Finance Director, International Customer Experience Director, and an International Regulatory and Compliance Director.

To do that, the team have to understand local cultures, employee benefits, and employment regulations, and they invest globally in the industry, participating in conferences including Euro Spine , Efort, SOFCOT, DKOU, Arab Health, and AAOS .

Small, medium or large?

“We partner with any size of company in the industry, but we’ve noticed a greater number of small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) wanting help to grow their teams quickly,” says Fiona.

Gavin explains: “It can be tough for SMEs and start-ups, with the big companies driving down prices; so, they have to innovate with things like robotics, 3D printing, and wearable technology.” To support clients further, there’s now a Orthoconnections division, which helps grow and manage distribution channels for orthopaedic and spine manufacturers.

A great 2019 ahead?

“While we support our clients’ with all their search needs, our vision for next year is to specialise in building global senior leadership teams” begins Matt.

“We work at the most senior level across all key executive functions, including Finance, HR, and Compliance. Our clients tend to follow us when they move outside the industry, and still come to us to help with senior leave searches, so our portfolio ranges outside Orthopaedics now too.”

Ortho Consulting Group will start 2019 by moving into new, larger offices to accommodate their continued growth as well as exhibiting at Arab Health in Dubai and AAOS in Las Vegas.

Find out how we can help you grow

If you’d like to find out how we can support your business with executive search assignments Orthoexecutive, how we can help you grow your distribution networks with Orthoconnections or you simply want to learn more about us and what we do, please get in touch.


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