Spineology® Launches First Fully Endoscopic, Single-Tubular Retractor Fusion System: OptiLIF® Endo

Seamless integration of endoscopy during lumbar interbody fusion procedures.

OptiLIF® Endo featuring the Spineology® OptiMesh® Multiplanar Expandable Interbody Fusion System Photo Business Wire

ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spineology Inc., the longtime leader in ultra-minimally invasive spine surgery, announces another milestone today with the limited launch of OptiLIF® Endo. This innovative, ultra-MIS system requires only one tubular retractor to seamlessly integrate endoscopes and endoscopic equipment into lumbar interbody fusion procedures. The OptiMesh® Multiplanar Expandable Implant enables this single tube system to employ the smallest diameter tubular retractor of any fusion system on the market.

“OptiLIF Endoprovides the power of direct endoscopic visualization throughout the entirety of the procedure, including disc space access, decompression, discectomy/endplate preparation and interbody placement,” said Matt Cronin, Chief Commercial Officer of Spineology. “Direct visualization of the neural structures increases efficiency and safety when accessing the disc space, and the robust offering of new, endoscopic-specific discectomy tools included with OptiLIF Endo facilitates efficient endplate preparation under endoscopy to optimize fusion.”

Procedures leveraging OptiLIF Endo are completed, from start to finish, using only one ultra-minimally invasive tubular retractor, reducing exposure requirements compared to traditional MIS techniques. Such exposure reduction may decrease collateral damage and can positively affect post-operative pain, blood loss and length of stay. OptiLIF Endo creates seamless transitions between the endoscopic and fusion instrumentation, eliminating the need to exchange portal tubes or use multiple portal tubes during the procedure, maximizing surgical efficiency and safety.

“I want to thank the surgeon development team and our engineers for developing such an innovative procedure and set of instrumentation that seamlessly integrates two powerful technologies,” said John Booth, CEO of Spineology. “The endoscopic fusion market is gaining significant traction in the U.S. as more surgeons see the value of incorporating endoscopic technologies into their procedures. With OptiLIF® Endo, we will lead that market.”

About Spineology Inc.

At Spineology, we are dedicated to transforming spine surgery by providing innovative, ultra-MIS technologies for surgeons and their patients. Our proprietary mesh technology is used in the OptiMesh and Duo implants, which expand in three dimensions to create large footprints and allow placement of anatomy-conforming interbody fusion devices through very small incisions. This technology preserves spinal anatomy, increases procedural efficiency, and accelerates patient recovery. Learn more at spineology.com.


John J. Booth, Chief Executive Officer

SOURCE: Spineology Inc., Business Wire, August 4 2022.

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