Alafair Biosciences launches VersaWrap, a plant-based, non-collagen, bioresorbable interface for tendon and/or peripheral nerve

AUSTIN, TexasMarch 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alafair Biosciences, Inc., a commercial-stage medical device company, announced the launch of VersaWrap®, a bioresorbable hydrogel implant that provides a gelatinous, non-constricting interface between tendons and/or peripheral nerves and surrounding tissues. VersaWrap is the only hydrogel implant device indicated for the management of tendon and/or peripheral nerve tissues.

VersaWrap is an ultrathin, sutureless, semi-permeable, hyaluronic-acid rich layer that encases injured or exposed tendon and/or peripheral nerves. VersaWrap is designed to allow tissues to glide and to protect the microenvironment of healing tissues, which may result in reduced tethering, allowing earlier return of function and reduced risk of reoperation.

“VersaWrap is unique. As a bioresorbable, conformable hydrogel, VersaWrap’s hydrophilic surface improves gliding of not just tendons but nearby tissues such as peripheral nerve,” stated Robert Slater, MD, FACS an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Sacramento, CA who is a Clinical Professor of Orthopaedics at UC-Davis and a leader of several professional organizations. “Unlike collagen-based products, VersaWrap is ultrathin and gelatinous, making it easier to use in the delicate, confined areas of the hand and wrist that are most often injured and in need of protection. My VersaWrap patients tend to have less post-operative inflammation and swelling and have a more pliable soft tissue envelope around the repair, which often allows them to return to full function more quickly and with less pain.”

“We expect to see accelerated surgeon adoption given the dual indication and unique characteristics of our product,” said John Joyoprayitno, CEO of Alafair. “Our patented hydrogel technology has diverse applications in the medical device and regenerative medicine segments, and the extension of our product portfolio to include nerve is a substantial milestone for our organization.”

VersaWrap is indicated for the management of peripheral nerve injuries in which there has been no substantial loss of nerve tissue. VersaWrap is indicated for the management and protection of tendon injuries in which there has been no significant loss of tendon tissue.

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Alafair Biosciences is a privately held, commercial-stage medical device company focused on medical device development using its patented hydrogel technology. With a portfolio of 24 issued and 8 pending patents, Alafair is building a robust product pipeline based on its proprietary technology. Its products are distributed through a dispersed network of independent distributors across the United States.

SOURCE: Alafair Biosciences, Inc., PR Newswire, 11th March 2021