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Mergers and Acquisitions

We support companies looking to exit by providing them with suitable strategic buyers, and we support companies actively looking to expand via acquisition.

Using our internal database of proprietary data, along with our expert industry knowledge, experience and network; we know who is actively looking to buy and sell. To complement our in-house database, we also utilise external resources such as commercial databases and industry reports.

We actively attend sector-specific events within the industry. This builds our relationships with companies of all sizes and disciplines to develop an overall market understanding and business strategies.

Our range of services supports companies through their M&A journey.

Every transaction is unique, but all deals can follow a typical process. Each step includes a variety of deliverables, and we are committed to supporting the needs of each client; we can provide the full suite or just select deliverables from the below process timeline.

  1. Define

    Discuss and formulate criteria that would define the right companies that would be suitable.

  2. Identify

    Conduct a specialist database and resource search to identify companies under the agreed criteria for potential suitors.

  3. Contact

    Using our industry relationships and network, we will contact the identified companies to discover their appetite for acquisition.

  4. Support

    Providing support throughout discussions and meetings with potential suitors to find the right company to progress with.

  • Sell Side M&A

    Once we understand why a company should be interested in the opportunity to acquire the business, we approach the most suitable and probable buyers for the business.

    Being sector specialists, we know that the key drivers for acquisitions typically fall under one of these factors:

    ‣ Expansion of product and capability offering; being able to provide a new product or service to the same customer-base

    ‣ Vertical integration; being able to offer an end-to-end service (distribution, manufacturing etc.)

    ‣ Geographical growth: growing the business model into new geographies by buying already established companies

    ‣ Skills shortage; being able to secure a skilled workforce

    We will support companies through the process and help position their business in the best light so strategic buyers will see the value the business can bring them.

  • Buy Side M&A

    Whether a company is looking to expand its current product portfolio, grow their geographical reach, or become vertically integrated; we can find suitable potential target companies to acquire to endorse these strategies.

    Under the defined criteria, we can identify a list of potential targets. We then scrutinise these opportunities together to understand the value that each could provide.

    Being focused within the orthopaedic industry, we know the technologies, the challenges and the innovation that are affecting the industry, suppliers and customers. Therefore, we can decipher things that may not have been considered suitable or even potential opportunities.

    The most suitable partner may specifically operate in the same discipline within orthopaedics, or it may be more beneficial to expand horizons to explore medical devices or even as broad as healthcare. We will evaluate each opportunity on its own merit to determine the viability of integration, or whether a company could exist as a standalone subsidiary.

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