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We work with our extensive network of distributors, who are carefully selected based on their strategic fit, reputation in the market and their existing customer relationships.

We have a growing database of over 4000 verified global distributors.

Creating a great partnership between a manufacturer and a distributor is key for a manufacturer to have a high success rate in their new chosen markets. However often there is difficulty with the manufacturers not being able to find their ‘perfect’ match of a distributor. One of the main factors for this is due to the manufacturers not knowing their chosen new markets and having no prior background knowledge of distributors' reputation and success.

Our extensive experience brings a wealth of knowledge and insight about current distributors and their reputation.

The process:


First initial search within our database at the specific markets, as well as researching outside of our network for potential distributors that fit our client's market needs.


Evaluate the distributors and check their strategic fit, reputation and existing customer relationships.


Once a list of distributors has been agreed with our clients, we then provide an introduction and hand it over to the manufacturer to begin contract negotiations.

We also provide an in-depth distributor management consultancy package, where we find, onboard and manage the best distributors that perfectly fit our client’s needs.


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