“This addition to our proven tower-based Tiger MIS system allows for true percutaneous screw placement and more efficient surgeries,” said Jay Bartling, CEO of CoreLink. “We anticipate several more product launches this year as we continue to provide more comprehensive solutions. This system was a necessary addition for surgeons looking for a minimally invasive fixation device to complement our robust lateral fusion platform.”

The Tiger MIS X-Tab System integrates seamlessly with the standard tower-based Tiger MIS System with polyaxial, extended tab pedicle screws in various lengths and diameters. This allows for full cross-compatibility for mini-open and percutaneous approaches as well as the creation of longer hybrid constructs. Additionally, the low profile extended tabs are 130mm long to facilitate implantation in larger patients. They feature a break-away top allowing for the extensions to cross when implanting in the lower lumbar spine.

About CoreLink

CoreLink, known as The Source for Spine™, internally designs and manufactures more than 99% of its broad portfolio of spinal implant systems. With a unique heritage that combines old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing, we collaborate with surgeons to develop and deliver effective surgical solutions and improve the lives of patients. Learn more at corelinksurgical.com.


CoreLink, LLC
Adam MacMillan

SOURCE: Business Wire, 22nd July 2020