NEXXT MATRIXX® Lateral & STRUXXURE®-L First Implantation

NOBLESVILLE, Ind.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nexxt Spine, LLC, a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders, is proud to publicize the first single position implantations of the NEXXT MATRIXX® Lateral and STRUXXURE®-L Lateral Plate Systems. Showcasing technologies unique to the NEXXT MATRIXX® line of products, the NEXXT MATRIXX® System is centered around five core pillars for a successful fusion, incorporating an intentionally engineered 3D laser printed titanium implant. The STRUXXURE®-L Lateral Plate System provides a low-profile supplemental fixation option with multiple placement options.

The initial single position implantations were performed by Dr. John Klekamp of the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee in Franklin, Tennessee, and Dr. John Shiau of the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Institute (MISSI) and Complete Wellness, NJ.

Dr. John Klekamp shared “I feel fortunate to have benefitted from being one of the initial surgeons to have used the NEXXT MATRIXX® System during its initial launch. NEXXT MATRIXX® is the industry benchmark for 3D printed titanium implants. Its 300-, 500-, and 700-micron scaffold is designed to provide a conducive environment for modulus and ingrowth similar to bone, but with the inherent stability and consistency of 3D printed metal. My patients have benefitted from the advantages of NEXXT MATRIXX® for cervical and lumbar stabilization for years so I have been anxiously awaiting the development and release of a NEXXT MATRIXX® Lateral System. My first case utilizing the NEXXT MATRIXX® Lateral System was in a 65-year-old gentlemen who had undergone a previous lumbar procedure four years ago. The Lateral interbody allowed for a minimally invasive approach to the affected level without compromising the ribs due to the upper lumbar pathology. The intuitive instrumentation provided a controlled reduction of the focal deformity.

Dr. Klekamp additionally added “I have used several other OLIF lateral interbody systems throughout the last few years. Nexxt Spine has produced a comprehensive, intuitive system that allows for a minimally invasive approach, and implantation of a 3D printed titanium implant which already has a proven history of success with my patients. This is definitely an introduction of the next generation of lateral interbody implants”.

The NEXXT MATRIXX® Lateral System is designed to provide increased endplate coverage for stability and fusion potential, while the multiple lordotic options up to 20 degrees assist with restoring or maintaining spinal alignment. When utilized with the STRUXXURE®-L Lateral Plate System, the surgeon is afforded three surgical options for placement including being preassembled to the cage prior to implanting. All of the plate and cage placement options are designed to take advantage of procedural efficiency through a single minimally invasive surgical corridor.

Dr. John Shiau noted “The NEXXT MATRIXX® Lateral interbody and STRUXXURE®-L Lateral Plate systems have been designed to address both simple and highly complex pathology for my neurosurgical patients through on a MIS approach. Intraoperative flexibility, and a single position surgical procedure affords me a targeted working corridor to treat the patient’s pathology, while having the confidence that the cage has been designed to enhance fusion potential, and plate to stabilize the affected level during the healing process. A compelling aspect of this system is that it allows me to customize implant constructs and manage operating room time more efficiently”.

Andy Elsbury, President and founder of Nexxt Spine notes “Our clinician’s and their patients continue to benefit from the intentionally engineered 3D laser printed titanium implants associated with the NEXXT MATRIXX® technology. Reducing operative steps, positioning time, all through a tissue sparing minimally invasive approach is the foundation behind the synergy of both implant and fixation systems.”

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Jim Abraham, Chief Operating Officer,

SOURCE: Business Wire, 27th July 2021