Osteotec announces .com domain

NEWBURY, UK, August 15, 2023 – Osteotec is pleased to announce the launch of our new .com website domain to better serve our UK, Irish and Nordic customers and international partners.

This move reinforces the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for medical device professionals, positioning Osteotec for accelerated growth on both local and global fronts.

This transition from our previous .co.uk domain follows the establishment of new offices in Ireland and Sweden, as the company strengthens its global presence to meet the needs of partners and customers on a broader scale.

“Our journey from a .co.uk domain to our new .com is more than a technical transition,” said Ric Sumner, Osteotec Head of Marketing.

“It eliminates the need for multiple domain extensions and ensures consistency across markets, facilitating stronger brand recognition through a consistent digital presence.

“We are excited to build stronger partnerships and connect with a larger and more diverse customer base moving forward.”

The shift is a strategic step that aligns with Osteotec’s global objectives and growth plans, maintaining its reputation for delivering excellent service in the field of extremity orthopaedic products.

This announcement also coincides with Osteotec’s upcoming 30th anniversary celebrations, underscoring the company’s longevity and expertise in the industry with the launch of the new .com domain a crucial component of the company’s expansion strategy.

This website is designed to offer innovations that stand the test of time to our manufacturing partners, clinicians, and potential clients around the world, as the company continues to push forward with its business expansion.

Osteotec is a UK-based manufacturer and distributor focused on orthopaedic extremities. Established in 1993, Osteotec has been supplying into the NHS and private healthcare sectors for the past 30 years. Osteotec’s mission is to provide industry-leading, specialist orthopaedic extremities solutions and superior services to healthcare professionals that improve patient outcomes, developing a comprehensive product portfolio and working with leading global manufacturers as their partner of choice. Learn more at www.osteotec.com

Media Contact:
Ric Sumner
Head of Marketing
+44 (0) 7555 385 004

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