Precision Spine® Announces the National Launch of the Slimplicity® HP Anterior Cervical Plating System, Offering Simplified Versatility to Accommodate Diverse Pathologies

PARSIPPANY, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Precision Spine, Inc., a medical device company dedicated to Made-in-the-USA manufacturing, introduces the Slimplicity® HP Anterior Cervical Plating (ACP) System, which enables surgeons to accommodate diverse patient anatomies and pathologies with low profile constrained, semi-constrained or hybrid constructs.

The Slimplicity HP ACP System’s dual thread fixed and variable angle screws maximize cortical and cancellous bone interface to facilitate optimal bone purchase. The convenient one-step locking mechanism provides both tactile and visual confirmation for increased confidence and security.

“The Slimplicity HP ACP System is another key element in the cervical segment of our growing portfolio,” said Chris DeNicola, Chief Operating Officer of Precision Spine. “This system exemplifies our ongoing commitment to providing the latest technology to deliver greater versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the OR.”

The Slimplicity HP ACP System is indicated for use in temporary stabilization of the anterior spine from C2 to T1 during the development of cervical spinal fusions in patients with: degenerative disc disease (DDD) (as defined by neck pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of disc confirmed by patient history and radiographic studies); spondylolisthesis; trauma (including fractures or dislocations); spinal tumors; spinal stenosis; deformity (defined as kyphosis, lordosis, or scoliosis); pseudoarthrosis; and failed previous fusions.

About Precision Spine
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Chris DeNicola, Chief Operating Officer:

SOURCE: Business Wire, 11th May 2020