Reflections on my first year with suzanna everard

Earlier this month, Ortho Consulting Group’s M&A, Investment and Research Manager Suzanna Everard celebrated one year within the business. Suzanna works with our clients that are looking to source investment or undertake acquisition activity for growth (buy-side) or final exit (sell-side).

She also manages the in-house research team, producing bespoke reports and insight from the spine, orthopaedic and MedTech industry. We caught up with Suzanna to find out what she had learned from her first 12 months in the role. 

What is the most enjoyable element of your job?

“It’s definitely the breadth of my role, yet the focus of the industry. Being part of a company that specialises in orthopaedics and spine, and extending out to medical devices, has been a huge learning curve. 

“As a sector-agnostic M&A professional prior to joining OCG, being focused on an industry has enabled me to understand the intricacies of the market and support my clients better. 

“The variety that still comes from supporting clients across different disciplines of the industry, in research, investment and both sell-side and buy-side M&A, allows me to continuously learn and extend my reach to the incredible people of the sector.”

How has your role changed over the past 12 months? 

“My role has strongly developed as the company has grown. I’m doing what I joined OCG to do – support companies sourcing investment and supporting clients with M&A – but additionally, becoming the Research Manager and increasing the research department and developing our in-house database, and topping it off with team social organiser, which I really enjoy!”

What project are you most excited about at the moment?

“I’m currently supporting a client looking to expand via acquisition – what excites me is that I will be able to look at the success of their expansion and be partly responsible for an acquisition that supported their growth. Equally, there are many internal projects that are going to support the growth of OCG, which is incredibly exciting to be a part of.”

What excites you most about the industry at the moment?

“Of course, I am biased to my speciality – M&A and Investment. With the expectation of increased levels in the next couple years, to be part of this is great.”



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