The benefits of working with an industry-specific consultancy

When working with a consultancy you want them to think and act like business partners, building lasting positive relationships with your company.

There are a lot of consultancy firms that do exactly what their contract and client ask for them and nothing more. When a consultancy thinks and acts like a business partner, they want to help a company develop to be the best it possibly can be, to help it grow and achieve all its business goals or sales. That involves the consultancy looking at a company as if they are in partnership and developing all the strategic plans as if they were a part of the company itself.

Key benefits


Employing someone who has the same skill set as a whole team can offer is a significant expense, especially for start-ups or SMEs.

By engaging with a consultancy, you have access to a highly skilled group of professionals that can help guide a company into success, getting it ready to be able to employ someone once the consultancy has achieved its goals for your company.

At Ortho Consulting Group (OCG), we not only want to help you when we are partnered but want to make sure a company succeeds once the contract is complete.

Experience and Expertise

You gain access to skilled professionals who know their market inside out and how to make a business successful. The orthopaedic industry is diverse, and OUS markets often have very different requirements for the successful commercialisation of medical device technologies and products.

When working with OCG, our clients gain over 65 years of experience. This experience covers different aspects of what we have found our clients have needed, adding new services to ensure we can provide complete coverage of their business needs. These include M&A, capital investment support, distributor management, distributor search, executive search, ned search, quality and regulatory support, product management, legal support, marketing, research and access to our chief medical officer.


A consultancy’s outside viewpoint might give you an entirely new perspective on your business. This is useful when dealing with challenging situations or making difficult decisions inside your organisation to help it flourish. Experienced consultants will have worked with many companies facing a wide range of business issues. They can use this to their advantage when looking at what has gone wrong in the past for other companies as well as your own to help you develop the best strategic plan possible.

Having an outside perspective allows businesses to expand to their maximum potential by allowing for greater creativity and innovation. As consultants work with a company and not for it, they will have an an objective and unbiased opinion. Instead of having employees agreeing to maintain the peace, consultants will give their opinions and ideas to assist a firm in accomplishing its objectives.

Getting it right

Working with a consultant has several advantages, whether that is assisting a company in growing or resolving issues that cannot be solved in-house. You must, however, choose wisely. You want to collaborate with people that know all there is to know about your sector and care about the success of your business.

At OCG, we understand the challenges presented at the different stages in the growth and evolution of companies. Our consultants have experience of working in medical devices companies ranging in size from start-ups to large global organisations and can use their insights gained to offer the best possible solutions to your requirements.

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