Three years at Ortho Consulting Group

Three years at Ortho Consulting Group: Harriet Bawden, Marketing Executive

Marketing executive Harriet Bawden recently celebrated her three-year anniversary with the company. We caught up with her to find out what she has enjoyed most about her time with Ortho Consulting Group.

It has been fantastic to see how the company has grown over the last three years, with the office move, new complementary services and growth within the team. Some of my highlights include: 

Social media – When I joined the company in 2019 the Ortho Consulting Group LinkedIn page had not long been live with 297 followers, and we have just passed 8,500. I have seen the channel grow and pick up momentum and have first-hand insight into what content our audience enjoys and responds best to. This has been a similar experience for the Ortho Consulting Group Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Design – I have been able to advance my skills as a marketer by learning and developing my understanding of a range of marketing platforms, including the Adobe Creative Cloud. This has been useful with the introduction of new services and a return to face-to-face events, as I have been able to create new, compelling marketing materials to support our campaigns. One of the current projects I am working on involves lots of design elements, which I can’t wait to share in the near future.

Video editing- With the introduction of our weekly #OrthoFriday industry round-up I have had the opportunity to explore Premiere Pro, develop my skills and use these to produce and edit videos for our clients.

Direct marketing – I enjoy the creative process that sits behind our giveaways and sourcing staples such as branded items such as pens and notepads. My favourite campaign to work on was creating our Rubik’s Cubes. These are always well received at conferences and reiterate our mantra of solving the orthopaedic and spine industry challenges.

Webinars – OCG launched a webinar series last year which was an interesting project to work on with the team, as each webinar had a marketing campaign to drive participant sign-ups. This included marketing emails, social posts, direct messages and paid social media campaigns on LinkedIn. We hosted ten webinars with 450 unique registrants, which created 515 minutes of content. 

Email marketing – It’s been fascinating learning about email marketing and analysing the performance of each campaign to improve our offering. In 2021 we introduced #OrthoMonthly, our company newsletter, to give our clients an insight into our opportunities, company updates and news. From the success and feedback we have received from this, we have since launched #OrthoInsider and #OrthoEvents. So make sure you have signed up to be the first to see the exclusive content we publish!

Client projects – I have had the opportunity to work alongside our clients creating videos, brochures, flyers, social media content and strategies. Our partnership with NSpine is a project I am particularly proud of, with the challenges of COVID, meaning the event was often changing due to ever-changing regulations regarding the pandemic. Nevertheless, during the six months we supported their social media there were some great results. Overview: shared 415 posts across four different social channels, 156,306 impressions and 18,022 engagements (in total) across all channels, engagement rate consistently above the average and 206 clicks to the registration sign-up page within 16 days. Audience Growth: LinkedIn – 86.93%, Twitter – 873%, Instagram – 27,000% and Facebook – 11.18%. Engagement Rate: LinkedIn – 14.53%, Twitter – 1.76%, Instagram – 9.68% and Facebook – 4.54%.

New website and rebrand – Being part of the OCG rebrand and website build was an exciting learning experience from participating in vendor meetings, collaborating on the design and implementing all the new colours, logos and icons onto our marketing materials. Since the new website was launched, I have also had the opportunity to make additional pages to the site and introduce SEO elements. We have already started on new website projects for our clients.

I am looking forward to what the future at OCG has to hold and excited to see how our services develop, partnerships with clients grow and how my role will develop. I am particularly interested in shaping how our client marketing service grows.