Emma Stephens

Welcome to the team, Emma Stephens, Office Manager

Emma joins the OCG team as Office Manager with responsibility for optimising operations across the business. This includes implementing established policies and procedures, measuring outcomes against standards and improving operational flow when identified. 

We caught up with Emma to find out what most excites her about her new role.

What made you want to join the team?

“After speaking with the team and understanding their vision for the role and the company, I knew that this position was something I would love to do and one in which I could have a big impact in supporting the senior management group.   

“Taking responsibility for both facilities and general office management ensures the team are able to focus on delivering continued growth and success within key business areas.” 

What part of the role are you most excited about?

“I don’t think there is just one area I can say I am most excited about.  This is a new role, so I’m very excited about getting to know the team, the services and working closely with everyone to help in any way I can to free them up from unnecessary admin and managerial tasks, and act as a central point of contact for all staff.”