Welcoming Tom Baker, Group Chief Operating Officer, to the Ortho Consulting Group team

This month we welcomed our new Group Chief Operating Officer Tom Baker to the team.

Tom joins the business after two decades of delivering transformation in international markets for FMCG and retail businesses including, P&G, Twinings and Swarovski.

Tom’s responsibilities encompass Ortho Consulting Group, Osteotec and OCG Holdings and we caught up with him to chat about his first few weeks in the role.

What attracted you to the business?

“From my first conversations it was clear the business has great vision and passion and a huge potential for the future and I buy into that vision wholeheartedly,” said Tom.

“Their dedication to helping innovative businesses achieve their international ambitions, whether that is through M&A, distributor search and management or executive search, is improving patients’ lives globally.”

What do you see as the most important element of your role?

“I’m used to working with business partners all over the world, bringing brands to new markets, employing international expansion strategies and innovative new routes to market through distribution models, joint venture or outsourced distribution and hybrid models.

“My role is about helping people add scale, and driving scale through innovations like the ChiroKlip and taking it global.

“There is huge potential for growth, consolidation, and to invest money into brilliant but small companies bringing new and exciting technology around the world to market.”

What are your immediate priorities for the coming months?

“The immediate priority for the next six months on the Osteotec side are building the foundations for scale so that we can manage exponential growth without compromising our focus on excellent customer service.

“The biggest challenge will be deciding which of the many opportunities to prioritise on first. We’re fortunate to be in a situation where there is no shortage of opportunities out there, and it will be about ruthless prioritisation to ensure we maximise our opportunities.”

“We are excited to have Tom join the business in this role, as he brings a wealth of experience and insight driving new business development within international markets,” said Ortho Consulting Group founder Matt Woods.

“Tom’s input will be critical going forward as we move into our next period of growth. Tom has already demonstrated great leadership skills and his approach to delivering only the best-quality service and products to customers aligns perfectly with our values.

“We are focused on placing the right people in the right roles and providing them with the structure they need to execute and drive performance. This is reflected on the number of new additions to the team which include not only Tom, but also Head of Marketing Ric Sumner and Contracts Assistant Luize Kangathe to our Legal Department.”

Contact details:

LinkedIn: Tom Baker

Email: tombaker@orthocg.com