Wenzel Spine Announces First Awake Spinal Fusion Using VariLift®-LX

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wenzel Spine, a leader in the development of innovative stand-alone spinal fusion technologies and diagnostic methods, announced today a notable achievement in the company’s history with the first awake spinal fusion procedure using the VariLift®-LX interbody implant. The Less Invasive Spine Surgery (LISS) was performed without general anesthesia by Harvard trained and board certified orthopedic spine surgeon Ahmer K. Ghori, M.D. of Fort Wayne, IN. Dr. Ghori coined LISS™ to illustrate his minimalist approach consisting of a small midline incision for appropriate decompression and instrumentation under direct visualization; combined with a spinal anesthetic and an Erector Spinae Block for post-operative pain control, potentially allowing for same day discharge in select, medically appropriate cases.

VariLift®-LX is the only FDA-cleared stand-alone lumbar interbody fusion device on the market that can be implanted without the need for supplemental fixation such as pedicle screw instrumentation. This expandable, low-profile device offers a true LISS™ or MIS alternative for patients suffering from symptomatic grade 1 spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease, or adjacent segment disease.

“The ability to treat select spinal disorders solely with an interbody cage is a definitive advancement in our evolution from minimally invasive surgery, which still requires the same amount of hardware, to Less Invasive Spine Surgery™ and represents a distinct advantage over competing implants,” explains Dr. Ghori. “This innovation allows us to provide same day surgical care in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center (ASC).”

Dr. Ghori added that “this ‘less is more’ approach is often a better alternative for a subset of patients because it prioritizes less instrumentation, anatomy preservation, and minimizes post-operative morbidity. He adds, “I remain very enthusiastic about LISS™ with VariLift® and the potential benefit it provides my patients. My research interest is in defining the subset of fusion patients who may be candidates for this LISS alternative with VariLift®, documenting the advantages but also studying the potential risks and disadvantages in the long term ”

“Our Wenzel team is thrilled at the successful conduct of a VariLift®-LX fusion and applaud Dr. Ghori’s ongoing efforts and endorsement of our innovative technology. As we move forward,” says Wenzel Spine CEO, Bill Wilson, “we will work with surgeons to refine the surgical indications for outpatient spinal fusion with the VariLift®-LX. This technology is demonstrating that through careful engineering and thoughtful application, patients are benefiting immensely from the reduced surgical time, potential elimination of general anesthesia, and the ability to achieve same day discharge after a spine fusion in select patients.”

About Wenzel Spine, Inc.
Wenzel Spine, Inc. is a medical technology company focused on providing minimally invasive solutions for the treatment of spinal disorders. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Wenzel Spine is focused on delivering surgical solutions that improve the overall quality of spine care by simplifying procedures and reducing recovery time. Wenzel Spine seeks to improve patient quality of life by designing and producing devices of the highest quality to support our surgeon clients in the care and treatment of their patients. For more information about the company and our products, visit www.wenzelspine.com.


Wenzel Spine, Inc.
William E. Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

SOURCE: Wenzel Spine, Business Wire, July 21 2022.

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